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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

I can't work out what could have caused that.

It might have been a 'glue' crate at the CC&M centre went down, so five or six incoming regions were dead on the router input.
So, they rerouted the nearest available regions to the affected destinations ?

Possibly that would do it if the fault affected both centres.

Although there's no mention of when that happened, its obviously before 2013 as it's TV Centre, not Salford.... but if it was in the analogue days that wouldn't explain it, or it would only have happened on one platform, not the other

Yes, good point. I wonder if the missing sources were 'lost' in some virtual mapping, that controls both sites? Though if that happened, it doesn't say much for resilience!

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What was your favorite regional ITV station growing up?

I am here to ask you a simple question:
What was your favorite regional ITV station you grew up watching back in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s (before regionalism got quashed by the likes of Carlton/Granada)?

For me, it was Central since I live in the East Midlands. .

Isn't the question self evident?

It's like asking what was your favourite local corner shop?