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BBC Network news - no longer relevant for the nations?

chris posted:

And the way ministers are introduced. "The Health secretary, The Education secretary, The Transport minister...." Of course on the national news they are always talking about the English Health secretary, or the English Education secretary. But this is rarely pointed out. It's no wonder your average viewer in the nations are confused over who they are voting for in devolved elections.

But they’re not the “English Health Secretary” or “English Education Secretary”? They don’t sit in an English parliament and their decision-making has an indirect impact on the nations’ policies.

It’s not quite as simple as you’re making out.

I agrsee it is not the English Parliament. However, the Health Secretary and Education secretaries in Westminister are only reponsible for Health and Education in England. Is it not about time that this addressed and they are referred to as the English Secretary of state?

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Naga Munchetty | BBC DG Overturns Ruling

And now it transpires that the original complaint also alluded to Dan Walker as well.

It couldn't get much worse for the BBC and Breakfast. This could spell the end of Breakfast's dominance in the ratings. Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid are already courting Naga Munchetty over to Good Morning Britain. I'd be amazed if Naga's resignation alone isn't announced in the next few hours / days.

Good job, BBC. Way to dismantle one of your most prolific programmes.

I find it very unlikely that the average person will refuse to watch BBC Breakfast due to this. Most people probably wont even know this has happened and this that do will still continue to watch as it is an easy way to digest the news!