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Jez posted:
True. The lunchtime news should be 3 minutes but have the weekend news back to 15 minutes. I liked the mid morning national and regional news during this morning. if they brought it back that would be great.

I cant see them bringing that back but they need 3 minutes at lunchtime (not including the weather) and 6 or 7 minutes at weekends. Even when a 15 minute slot was given half of it seemed to be filled with back to back trailers.

Six and a half minute weekend bulletins and 11am weathers will return by the end of this month
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Good Morning Britain in 2020

Wasn’t sure it was the right decision to have Adil present on such a big news day but him and Ranvir are excellent this morning.

Ranvir really is brilliant.

Ranvir is great so natural and personable - I also much prefer her in the newsreader role to Charlotte and Kate. She just had a down to earth way about her