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Tyne Tees & Border/Look North (NE & Cumbria)

That’s new. Although Anglia, Channel TV and Wales have already had a catch up for a while.

The main 6pm programme for ITV Border they are unsure as to what it is actually called:

Catch up: Watch ITV LOOKAROUND

You can catch-up with the ITV News Border programme on weekdays for 24-hours after it is broadcast on ITV. The programme is on-air at 6pm every day.

When available, you can watch the latest edition of Lookaround - covering Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders using the player above.

The full 30-minute ITV News Border programmes are generally available for 24 hours after the first transmission.”

West Country also putting programmes online

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

Wasn’t sure it was the right decision to have Adil present on such a big news day but him and Ranvir are excellent this morning.

Ranvir really is brilliant.

Ranvir is great so natural and personable - I also much prefer her in the newsreader role to Charlotte and Kate. She just had a down to earth way about her