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Best and worst idents from each BBC1 and BBC2 set post-1991?

Great topic idea!

I can't agree with Ballet as the worst from Rhythm and Movement - I think it's absolutely beautiful. That and Acrobat are my favourites from that set. Worst is probably either Haka or Salsa.

There are quite a few Circles idents that I'd pick as the best, namely Neon, Moon, Penguins and Helicopter with the original music. For worst, I think 2016's Christmas idents were rather paltry (though to be honest I don't rate a lot of the later Circles-era Christmas presentation other than 2014's Christmas trees and maybe Sprout Boy).

For Oneness I'd say Bhangra ends up being the best of a bad bunch as it's at least choreographed well (unless we're counting The Supporting Act as Oneness, then of course that wins bar none). As for the worst, well... I'm spoiled for choice. It would be easier to name the ones that weren't the worst.

One thing I do agree with is that the Tagging idents are the worst idents in Windows on the World. My picks for the best would be Seascape, Zoetrope and Cappuccino (which really shouldn't have been axed in 2009). To be fair, Tent, Mirror and Sunroof are pretty great too.

Curve is a difficult category for me as I don't think there's a bad one in the set. Authoritative and Mind-Bending kind of end up as the boring ones but at least they're well made and fit for purpose. My favourites are probably Captivating, Offbeat, Sparky and Escapist.

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