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Kay Burley off air for 6 months

Joe posted:
Just a small comment – some have said that Burley effectively gets a six month paid holiday. I completely accept that as suspensions go, it’s quite jammy, and I’d dearly love six paid months off work! However, if I put myself in her shoes I also think there’s a level of humiliation there. If I’d something wrong and didn’t come into work for that long, knowing that my colleagues knew exactly why I’d be pretty embarrassed and I’d dread coming back. Add onto that that the wider public also know, that’s not a position I’d like to be in. By the end of the half year I’d be both craving and dreading coming back.

Please don’t misunderstand – I’m not suggesting that makes it a complete horror show for her, nor do I necessarily think she’d have the same take on it. But I did think it was worth mentioning that it’s not quite the same as annual leave.

this is true. whatever you think of her she clearly loves her job. one of the reasons for her longevity. so it is a punishment to be prevented from doing it for six months so publicly.

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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

Good old BBC switching the attention onto itself during a political crisis once again and throwing another of its female news presenters under the bus. they wouldn't have it any other way