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BBC Rebrand

I agree that the BBC lettering is too heavy and it makes the logo look dated, most of us have been longing for some updates to the presentation style and changing BBC Three from pink back to aqua and Four from black to purple just seems underwhelming. I don’t feel as if though these changes add any value or tell me what this channel is about.

I like some of the changes to the National radio but the 5 seems very overworked and the R4 seems more like a regression than progression in presentational style. I would love a more consistent approach to the local radio stations too and for the most part you’ve done this but even then the symbols you’ve chosen don’t seem coherent with one another. The CBBC also seems quite scratchy and unpleasant to look at in my opinion.

I like your way in thinking about the branding, making things more uniform in terms of the names etc but in execution I don’t feel that you’ve given me anything to think about beyond no longer having ‘live’ after Radio 5.
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Channel 5 - Brand refresh 2020

Haa, think I'll give up on this one then! Laughing Laughing

Don’t give up on it! You took the original logo and styling and tried to improve upon it - this rendition doesn’t work but don’t give up altogether. Rather than update, revamp, you’ve done wonders with the BBC logos I think you could do the same here.