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GB News

We’re looking for brilliant journalists from all backgrounds to help us shake things up.
You’ll be bursting with ideas and determined to find original stories and new voices from every part of the country.

You’ll be a disruptor and an innovator who approaches the news in a provocative and entertaining way.

They've missed a bit.
"If you hate Europe and can't stand to listen to, or is easy to ignore, anything that is said by the current opposition in the Houses Of Parliament we'd love to hear from you"

<serious point>
But I've been thinking about this. Because of this outfits leanings of varying angles of degrees towards the right, I assume that you will, at some point in the application/interview process, have to declare your voting and political leanings? Because you can't see them hiring just anybody incase they have minor/medium/hard liberal or socialist views of society and life - exactly the sort they need to weed out before airtime.

Which in turn leads to some very interesting questions on whether this is discrimination, and no worse than denying someone a job based on gender, skin colour, regional accent, appearance or sexuality?

Exactly the sort of debate that riles up some on the right and makes them shout a lot, and get annoyed with modern society.

How does it work at The Sun or The Guardian?

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Free TV licence for over 75s has only been around since 2000. At least the BBC are offering free licences for those on those on pension credit - which is very fair. Not sure why a millionaire 76 year old shouldn’t have to contribute.