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Apologies if it’s been mentioned is there anywhere online where you can see which shows are on the platform? I’m interested in taking the free trial and maybe a limited subscription, but not really seeking to commit.

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Unfortunately I have the older black box so I don't get the luxury of a TV Guide button.

Which reminds me actually, is the stick any better remote wise? The black NowTV box is very direct line of sight and a bit temperamental in this area, at least in my experience.

The stick and 4K box remote are the same and don't use IR. You pair it with the device as part of the set-up process, it also has a microphone, but I prefer to use the buttons.

A tip for accessing menus faster with the older remotes is on the home page is to press the backspace button where a quick access menu pops up with the same features as the previous menu looked.

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New Meridian, BBC South & South East Thread

Amazing, Rob gets clarification before posting and yet there's always one who disputes it regardless, then people wonder why some people in the industry think we're numpties on here.