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30 years ago today: the smokey globe and the 2s

Speaking of the 2's, I'm curious about them featuring in an overnight test transmission. I don't know if they featured the sound from the idents itself or just the tone but apparently they were shown prior to them launching 30 years ago today.

There was sound on the idents, but I believe they were broadcast without the BBC logo at the bottom. It's not really considered the 'official' launch of the idents though, since it was just an overnight test.

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Has BBC Two just rebranded?

Jonny posted:
What's great to see here is the tremendous reverence the designer has paid to the aesthetics and vision of the 90's 2s. It's a fantastic modern representation of the symbol, a far better embodiment of the channel's character and personality than anything seen over the last 10 years.

They would be absolutely crackers not to treat this as a pilot run for a new ident set, fully realised into a complete, all round package. It is precisely the kind of ballsy, energetic rocket of creativity needed to reinvigorate the channel brand, which has a lot of mileage left in the "big 2" concept as this reel superbly demonstrates.


I second this. The amount of effort that has been put into some of those segments, it's unreal. How it pays homage to the 90's but still invents something new, is unreal. Let's pray they keep this branding, or use it alongside the 90's Restored idents.