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The Sky News Thread

And it could also be a negotiating ploy with Sky News. Maybe she wants it to look like she is potentially leaving so she can maybe elicit a better deal from Sky. I would imagine a lot of high profile presenters are using an offer from GBNews as a strategy to get a better deal with their current channel.

Anyway, we’ve probably exhausted the realms of speculation on this one and I guess it won’t be resolved by the time TVF closes so we’ll leave it as an open topic!
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Live at five with Jeremy

Simon McCoy

With TVF closing down I was doing some looking back and have seen posts from 10 years ago saying BBC News was at its lowest ebb and staff morale was at an all time low.

Unfortunately it is just the case that the BBC is an easy target for tabloid media and Twitter commentators with the easy criticism of public sector money going to the organisation.

Coming from outside the U.K., let me tell you, the BBC is an incredible institution that people should be extremely proud of. Not that they get everything right but on the whole they deliver exceptional content for the funding they receive.

It’s a real shame that there isn’t a counter narrative to the endless tabloid drivel about the BBC but I guess there’s no political capital in standing up for them.

Anyway, back on topic, Simon McCoy was a shining beacon of exceptional news broadcasting. His days with Carrie Gracie on BBC Breakfast were a particular highlight in my view.