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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

Start of the second half in the Hertha Berlin match on BT Sport 1, there was "technical problems" going into the commentary so the studio had to fill in for a couple of minutes.

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This Morning

I came out as a bi-sexual almost nine months ago.

I had feelings for men since I was about 13/14, but I wanted to wait until I was an adult before I could make a decision there and then.

It was on the night before my 19th birthday and I had just finished all of my coursework for the year, my mother was looking down on me, it was set up perfectly.

My dad, my sister and myself was having a little pre-birthday for me downstairs and it was getting late, my sister went upstairs to prepare for bed.

I knew my dad and my family was completely fine with this, but even so there's so weight on your shoulders and since my father, my best friend was the first person I had ever spoken to about this, their was so much on my shoulders.

But then, the moment came, we had a little chat first before saying to my dad "Can I tell you something?" He let me go on, obviously.

And then, it happened.

I told him that I indeed was a bi and it was the most emotional and amazing moment of my entire life, me and my father hugging whilst in tears of joy, I had finally done it and I am so proud of who I am and what I have become.

I eventually told my sisters a couple of days later and whilst I spoke to more people about it, it got more easier as time went on.

Fully behind Phillip, Holly and the entire "This Morning" team. What an incredible moment for television.