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Rachel Maddow returned to the MSNBC airwaves Thursday. She has been off the air since 11/7 and has been quarantined at home. Turns out her partner of 21 years, Susan, has COVID and was near death. But Susan has taken a turn for the better and so Rachel can resume from home. She’s usually in NYC during the week but during the weekends and I assume with COVID she’s been at their house in western Massachusetts (usually broadcasting from an inset studio somewhere). From what I gather is it’s pretty rural and signal quality isn’t the best. Here she is talking about Susan and a bit of technical difficulties.


Wow, she is quite the orator. Very impressive.

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

LOL.... That voice over though.

It sounds like somebody trying to do an impression of James Earl Jones but failing, badly.

It actually sounds ridiculous.