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The late 90s and early 00s were a brilliant period in British comedy, and BBC Two certainly felt like the natural home for real groundbreaking comedy. I'd argue Channel 4 took that mantle, though that's probably by default considering how much more comedy they seem to commission in comparison.

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…and finally

I can't quite believe how emotional I'm feeling because I won't be able to discuss TV logos with a bunch of strangers on the internet.

Given how infinitely grand the internet is nowadays, what I'm about to say might seem a little silly. But having been on this place in various guises since I was but a child, TV Forum has been the only website where I've felt at home. I still feel out of depth using places like Reddit and I seldom post a comment on YouTube. I think you all deserve at least some kudos for helping create what is (granted, not perfect, but) probably the best community nerds like us could've asked for.

To all those who have made my day that little brighter by helping locate some media, answering queries I've had or explaining something I otherwise had no idea about, I sincerely thank you.

And, of course, thank you Asa for allowing all of this to happen. The internet is nowhere near as pleasant a place as it used to be, so I can completely understand your decision. Nevertheless I really hope we can all find a new home in the not too distant future, and this community can still continue to thrive.

You lot are amazing. Thank you.

And don't forget to switch off your set x