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Where the daytime listings have been shortened and squished into a small box, to be fair they didn't ned any bigger. The same daytime schedule has been running for ages now. We don't need much room to explain what the programme is, when anybody knows what the programmes are. They ahve been worked into our lives. Either your never there to watch, or you've watched the programmes so many times we already know what's on.

That truly is a shameful thing to say! Rolling Eyes You can't expect everyone to remember the daytime schedule without some kind of listings mag or EPG. Fair play, some programmes are pretty standard, like This Morning, Bargain Hunt and Countdown etc, but viewers sometimes like to know what the programmes will be about to choose whether to watch or not. Excellent idea by one of the above usual suspect who suggests reducing the size of the pictures to accommodate daytime listings. Or just get rid of the extra Choices page - who can honestly say that they have actually read a double page of choices anyway?? Another reason for wanting the original daytime listings back is that it is much easier to see what is on at the same time on different channels by scanning across the page rather than down a vertical column as it is now.

OK then, TVnut15, without looking at any daytime listings using your skill and powers of memory and recall, what is on next Tuesday on BBC2 at 1.50pm? Very Happy
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Challenge - June 2016 onwards

Fair enough. Carry on.

OK Very Happy , however, it would be reassuring to see this formally announced on an official website, such as the ones you suggest J. Lyric, rather than hearsay from a similar forum where I gleaned this info Thumbs up .

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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

ITV rebranded all their channels nationally and locally overnight in 2013 and their websites without any issues or messing about.