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rob posted:
Rob, I wonder if there is anything you could put in place in conjunction with Asa to allow people to pre-register with their TVF username to avoid the inevitable idiots who will think it's funny to sign up with a well established name, either to block the existing user from using it or to trash their reputation by trolling the new forum?

Obviously Asa couldn't just give you a list of usernames and email addresses due to GDPR but perhaps some mechanism similar to the one that was used to optionally create a Metropol account as part of TVF sign up could be put in place?

I have something in place to do pre-registration, which I'll be setting up today. Just need to make a few small adjustments, and set up the form. Smile

I think this is an excellent idea!! A new name, a lick of paint, a rebrand, same kind of ideas, with established posters and newbies - all coming together to discuss TV Presentation and the like - totally look forward to the new-look forum!! This is like us moving over to the new ITV franchisee holder, as was already suggested! Will be watching the live video this afternoon.

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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

ITV rebranded all their channels nationally and locally overnight in 2013 and their websites without any issues or messing about.