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…and finally

Very sad to hear this news today. I didn't expect it, at all. TV Forum has been a major reason to view the internet on a daily basis since 2001 when I was at University. Having been interested in TV Presentation since my teens, being a bit geeky, it was a breath of fresh air to find place on the web, where you could discuss rebrands and logos and the like, without feeling awkward. It was good to speak to all you lot and I generally felt comfortable with all the banter that has been shared over the years, despite me not having any TV knowledge or insider gossip. My occupation is channels away from anything relating to TV, yet, I feel I have learnt so much and gained a valuable insight into background regarding presentation. So much so, I have joked to my friends that I wouldn't mind becoming a continuity announcer one day, as it'll probably be so less stressful to my usual everyday work. However, with the plethora or automated announcements these days, it likely isn't as rewarding as it once was when Ted May and Terry Pearson for example, were in the role for Central when I was a youngster. Alas. I've also been thankful that TV Forum has allowed for discussions of the production of specific TV shows, to an extent, rather than the generic threads of programmes on other forums.

Thank you to Asa for all your hard work over the years. I understand why you would like a change and I suppose not having to monitor this all the time , will make a huge difference to your life. 20 yes or so is a big commitment and I guessed TV Forum would run forever and ever, I never expected it to close and so suddenly. But I see your very valid reasons for making the decision you have.

But, I hope we all move on to whichever new forum that will receive the baton so that again, we can share, post, give kudos and discuss TV Presentation that we all care passionately about. And I hope we all strive to keep our original nicknames and within a few weeks, it'll feel like nothing has changed and everything will be back to normal once again.

Thanks, once again, Asa, for everything you've done!

"We are sorry for the break in this" forum "and are trying to correct the fault." Very Happy

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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

ITV rebranded all their channels nationally and locally overnight in 2013 and their websites without any issues or messing about.