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Steph's Packed Lunch

Turned it on and there was some dreadful 'world record setting' attempt at changing a nappy on a doll. Flicked back to the start, found it was all a bit shouty and echo-y. I just can't work out who would want to watch this - this has been dumbed down as far as TV can go, what a waste of the talent and Channel 4's remit.

It certainly doesn't sound as compelling as what used to be on in that slot


It was schools programmes and Sesame Street when I was a boy. Good times Very Happy

Bring back 'Stop, Look, Listen'. And 'How We Used To Live' - guaranteed ratings winners from ITV Schools on Channel 4.

It is a shame viewers have dropped dramatically since the show began. Have not seen it yet so can't comment on the content.

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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

ITV rebranded all their channels nationally and locally overnight in 2013 and their websites without any issues or messing about.