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Christmas TV 2020

Not quite sure of the thinking behind showing Kung Fu Panda 1 & 3 but not 2...

It must be said, the schedules look pretty weak...BBC 1 Christmas Day evening looks as least as bad as last year.

Seems like we’ve had Call the Midwife, Eastenders & Mrs Browns Boys on Christmas Day for years, would be nice if they dared to try something a little more exciting.

Exactly. What's more frustrating is that they never schedule any specials of their new shows (e.g. Ghosts) on the big three days, it being on on the 23rd December. And it's not like it isn't tried and tested; it's had two very well received series.

It's more of a critical darling than a ratings success.

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Christmas TV 2020

Well this is the last Christmas for Mrs Brown's Boys - so at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel as that show has now been milked to death for almost a decade, it needs to end. It has become appallingly bad and that is saying something from where it started in 2011.

Yes, it has been almost a decade since Mrs Brown and her revolting family have been unleashed on a British population. If the BBC decided to end it, I sincerely doubt RTE in Ireland would continue with it, producing it in Dublin.

Translated as I don't like Mrs Brown's Boys.

It's never been a sophisticated sitcom, but it's allowed the BBC to be able to target an audience who have been underserved by comedy which tends to be more intelligent where as this is more laugh out loud with crude humour.

I do enjoy it when I utter an opinion and you and a few others decide to come in and have a pop at me. Once again, this is my opinion, which is what TV Forum is all about, if you do not like it, well okay, but no need to have a pop at everything I say.

Considering that a few weeks ago, you were finger pointing at Katya from Strictly for testing positive for Covid, it's a bit pot calling the kettle black to complain that people are having a go at you.