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Should (and could) ITV regionalise again?

FBC posted:
They have invested a lot in the ITV brand over the last two decades and suddenly referring to the channel by a different name would definitely be harmful from a commercial point of of view (and would confuse a whole lot of viewers to whom these ’new’ regional names would either be a distant memory or even completely new.) Especially as broadcasting is rapidly moving from lineair to on-demand it makes sense for them to have one brand to focus on. (They’re hardly going to introduce regional brands for their on-demand service, are they now?)

It doesn't make renaming the production companies either.

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2019 General Christmas election.

BM11 posted:
BM11 posted:

Head of Channel four news will probably be gone by 5pm.

For what, someone on their team transcribing what it really sounds like the prime minister said but apparently didn't?

Because the story will become that Channel four news is being effectively boycotted by the government and a survival instinct might overtake them - that something needs to be done or they will be abolished.

Stop making things up again