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BBC Scotland - the launch

as I might have said (much) earlier in this thread, BBC Scotland has some good commissions, and has got good value out of some decent archive content, and the concept (and look and feel though maybe not the titles) of The Nine is good. But they're in the awkward situation of not having quite enough to justify a channel, while also having a bit too much to squeeze in to opt-outs on BBC One and Two. I'm not sure what the right answer is, to be honest.

I think it's reasonable to suggest the BBC Scotland channel exists for largely political reasons. During the Scottish independence referendum the were threats of keeping the licence fee revenue collected in Scotland and setting up a 'Scottish Broadcasting Service'.

I suspect establishing BBC Scotland was/is in part an attempt to stop any future attempts to divert licence fee revenues, especially if there is another referendum in future. For that reason I can't see the channel getting axed any time soon, unless there were major concessions (e.g. more Scottish content on BBC One) to keep the Scottish parliament happy.

I think it goes without saying in an independent Scotland the licence fee (which I imagine would be reformed as general taxation) would go to whatever Scottish replacement came about. Of course some of that money would filter back into the BBC through programme rights. So I don’t think BBC Scotland in anyway prevents the creation of ‘Scottish BBC’ because it would only really independent Scotland and it would certainly happen in an independent Scotland.

I agree it was just created for political reasons. I think if they were ever serious about giving the Scotland channel a fighting chance at being credible proposition it would have got the BBC 2 slot.

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The most interesting reaction will be that from Fern Britton.

I think she probably already knows how the earpieces work.