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What format do you use to put your work onto YouTube?.

YouTube has documented some recommended encoded formats for uploading content.

The Render Encoder does support changing up output format from the templates provided. You will need to change them if you want to match the YouTube specs, but be prepared for a loss of quality upon Render.

Use Handbrake for conversion. The original MOV files can be in excess of 35gb (not very compressed) for a 1 minute sequence.

This sounds like a good option, as it will allow you to have a High Quality original format from the outset. Just ensure you have enough spare Hard Disk space when doing so.

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There has been a lingering problem with people just willy-nilly asking for themes, such as people generating accounts just to ask for tracks. This is affecting the perception of what is forum is for; "TV Presentation and Discussion", rather than the current "TV Music finder" assumption.
There has also been concern around the use of intellectual property. Whilst not been considered "Library", the music is question is actually owned by the BBC, and composers composers have been getting to trouble that the work is been given into the hands of the public. The BBC would have certainly paid for that work, and if the public can just get it for free, it ruins the value of such effort and ruins trust in their relationship to the artist.

There also possibly runs the risk of being used in a malice way. BBC News is a popular brand, and when the public tries to emulate the brand, it can be misconstrued as a truth and muddy the trust and recognition of the brand. I would suspect any organization would not want their brands to be impacted in such a way.

There is also a concern that people are assuming they should have a right to a copy just because it was made public somehow. Even if that is not the intention, people can read that as such a reason. People have been asking for a long time, and people whom have responded such requests are now tired of such thing. The files are just randomly posted elsewhere when a trust was established that it would be for "personal use" (such as listening to in private).

As for the expression, I am a little surprised, but not shocked. Given how some people just "steal" work and mark it as their own, it can compound the frustration to such a point where the responding behavior is such.