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[REQUEST] Some BBC News themes

I think there there have been WAY too many BBC Theme requests made in the last 2 years.
Whilst I don't have access to any metrics, I would wager that 40% of the threads created in this sub-forum is BBC related.

In a way, I understand why, as people whom do share publicly often post temporarily links that last roughly 1 week, post a private Metropol link that is revoked, or publish a public Metropol link, then becomes stale. This in-turn generate new requests.
I also recall that some posted that creators of TV Themes are starting to get into trouble as their work (which is protected under copyright) is entering the public domain.

I would also wager that some people are getting burnt out by reading these.
I don't want to negate your intention for asking, but I question anyone "why" is the reason for asking?

Just my £0.02 on the matter


I would encourage patience. Whilst these programs are new and recent, it's not going to just be suddenly available to anyone.

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BBC News 1999

Was an attempt a few years ago at the News 24 Countdown. Need to fix the masking for the numbers and text. Was really happy with the colour grading. The globe animation needed to be worked on. My suspison was that the motion on the land masses was shared against the World 2002 countdown and other title sequences.

Was interested to see the BBC use a mocked countdown for the 20th Anniversary of the News Channel, done up by another member of the forum.

Also once has a quick run at the 2004 design. Whilst After Effects couldn't do the 3D ribbon, still had a quick attempt with the shapes. Also liked the idea of a clock.