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I like the listings in TV Choice but that's about the only part of the magazine I do like - there never seem to be any proper interviews, the soap section is really small compared to Whats on TV and what TV Quick had. So yeah id say overall Whats on TV is much better value considering its only about 7p more. Not keen on TV Easy - the small size of it puts me off.

I imagine those TV Quick readers who are happy with tv listings and a quick overview of the weeks tv will get TV Choice/TV Easy but people who want interviews will get TV Times as that's more simular to TV Quick than TV Choice is. I think in terms of price and content Whats on TV is closest to TV Quick so it could backfire on the magazine company if TV Quick readers opt for Whats on TV and that overtakes TV Choice in terms of sales.

The cover price of TV Quick was 80p so it was in the middle of the cheap mags (Choice/Easy/Whats on TV) and the mags over 1 (Radio Times/Total TV/TV Times).
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The first Emmerdale Family Tree special airs on Thursday 20th August, filling the 7pm slot. The first episode will feature The Dingles. There will also be a Corrie special on Wednesday as well as the usual Monday slot. So 3 of the 'missing' 6 soap slots will now be filled, easing us back in to when they go back to 6 a week from Mid September.

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Coronation Street

Loved last nights episode especially the nod to the past - opening scene with the girls, Rita saying 'another fine mess you've got me into' - which was said by Hilda to Stan when they got locked out out of number 13 in 1977, Rita saying about the knackers yard which was Elsie's first line in 1960. The voiceovers and mentions of Elsie, Hilda, Annie Walker, Betty, Deirdre and Mavis. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't make it to Blackpool, Corrie and Blackpool always go well together. But it was still a fabulous episode.

Evelyn one of the best new characters of recent years and im liking Nina as well.

I loved the end credits a shame they didn't use the original theme tune that would have made it even better.

I think an episode like this would be much better for the 60th rather than another episode like the 50th.