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ITV production/presentation slides

i had no idea YTV were responsible for Home and Away on behalf of the ITV regions. I assumed Carlton was. Carlton were the furthest ahead with A Country Practice and were responsible for that with each region getting the Carlton edited closing titles when they reached the point Carlton started editing them (January 1994 I believe). On Central they didnt reach this point until October 1996 as they were way behind. This is a good sign the same edited episodes were shared around all other regions.

I assume Central were responsible for The Young Doctors and Sons and Daughters being the furthest ahead. Prisoner is more complicated as it started on YTV first in 1984 whilst Central started in 1987 but quickly overtook YTV who were only screening 1 episode a week. Central therefore were ahead for the majority of its run. Infact YTV had over 400 episodes left to screen at the point when Central reached the final episode (692) in December 1991.

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Jez Founding member

Coronation Street

Loved last nights episode especially the nod to the past - opening scene with the girls, Rita saying 'another fine mess you've got me into' - which was said by Hilda to Stan when they got locked out out of number 13 in 1977, Rita saying about the knackers yard which was Elsie's first line in 1960. The voiceovers and mentions of Elsie, Hilda, Annie Walker, Betty, Deirdre and Mavis. I was slightly disappointed that they didn't make it to Blackpool, Corrie and Blackpool always go well together. But it was still a fabulous episode.

Evelyn one of the best new characters of recent years and im liking Nina as well.

I loved the end credits a shame they didn't use the original theme tune that would have made it even better.

I think an episode like this would be much better for the 60th rather than another episode like the 50th.