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Jon posted:
I had to laugh at the idea of Ru Paul’s Drag Race not appealing to men. I would suggest it’s most loyal audience is gay men.

But yes in that list JCB mentions, it could be argued only two are particularly female skewing.

I know BBC Three has produced successful programming, I'm not disputing that in the slightest. You could simply just say it's not for me, even if I'm within that demographic. I personally like Fleabag and This Country as those shows are the most popular, but while those are hand picked high-budget and awarded examples, I can't see any other reason to watch anything else that BBC Three has created in the past 4 years because there's no incentive to.

The only reason I really watch those shows is because I've heard people talking about them and how they've won awards, in fact Normal People was potentially the reason BBC took note of how popular the brand was and mentioned the idea of bringing it back on TV. I can't see myself watching "Why I'm Fat: The Naked Truth" or "Deep in Vogue" because those shows aren't exactly for me, but I'm not saying BBC Three is unsuccessful, i'm saying it's because they're not exactly creating a variety of comedies, dramas and documentaries that interest me, a male who is interested in the BBC and wish there was more programming for people like me, nor are they heavily promoting them in the first place, especially as again, Drag Race and Glow Up, while being VERY POPULAR programming and is always promoted on the channel due to their success, I feel it's way too excessive. Shine a light on more obscurer BBC Three programming, especially as we're all locked indoors and would make the viewer more interested to discover more.
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I tried giving the 1 a bit of character. These are my results.

The first sting would probably be used for more sci-fi/fiction oriented programming. Second one could be used for dramas. Third one is for entertainment and light-hearted programming. Fourth one could be used for documentary programmes and fifth one is obviously for sports programming. I will make more stings for programming like comedy, food and nature but the idea is that you could make a 1 sting out of anything, really.