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Lyse Doucet now presenting LIVE from Paris for BBC World News.

Also simulcast on the News Channel.

Does Lyse still anchor from the studio on World News?

No. Lyse doesn’t anchor television news from the studio any more, although occasionally does on BBC World Service Radio.


Someone once told me “confining Lyse to the studio is like caging a free bird”.

I think she prefers rooftops all over the world.
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Television News | “Trustworthiness & Reliability”

It's silly. The twitter stuff is silly.

Real people in real life are pretty ambivalent about the BBC, I don't sense any great passion in either direction. They really have far more pressing things to worry about at present.
As far as TV news goes, they will consume and watch whatever they are familiar and comfortable with, just like their choice of supermarket, pub, or brand of dog food.

I think its sickening that after all the hard work that BBC News has done over the last few months at keeping us up to date with the current situation that some brain-dead f-wits are demanding that it be defunded because of what exactly?.

Come on over and de-stress . Bertola or Croft Original?

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Television News Helicopters

Come on, guys! Please read the sticky at the top of this page. It’s very clear.

Rotor discussion is banned.