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Good Morning Britain in 2020

Piers and Susanna had an argument this morning over whether they should read out a government statement on the student nurses situation.

Something similar happened before. In the end, neither of them would read the statement, and the gallery got Charlotte to read it. Can't remember what the statement was about, though.

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BBC Three - Trust's final decision published

Why do they use 2 different logos, one with the BBC logo centered and one with the BBC logo in the left corner uncomfortably close to the edge?!

The one with the BBC logo centered is the best, but I don't really like this new design at all. Many people on Twitter are saying it just looks like it shouts '2!' when it actually is trying to shout '3!'.

In a few minutes in PowerPoint, I came up with this, which still isn't very good, but at least it shouts '3!' not '2!'