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Steph's Packed Lunch

Jonny posted:
The daytime 'lifestyle' market is already well served by ITV and it's so typically mainstream. C4's remit is to tell untold stories, take creative risks, drive innovation and to take more risks than other channels, not just to replicate them. Having a chat about the new series of Bake Off doesn't exactly fit with this remit.

A business / consumer, economy focused programme especially during this pandemic however would definitely be of value at that time and provide something different. i think Steph's Business Lunch would have been better and still be from the 'northern powerhouse', Leeds.

She's the absolute perfect fit to front a Working Lunch revival, as I believe has already been mentioned in this thread.

Why do I feel Channel 4 have signed Steph up without thinking what format would suit her best. Surely they would know Loose Women's audience were unlikely to switch. If they wanted a show like this, surely 3 or 4 o'clock would have been a better slot? Steph's Afternoon Tea or whatever?
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BBC Two 2018 Revamp

AxG posted:
Cavan posted:
NI has just aired their final ident, Paint, with quite a lovely farewell announcement from Elaine Ayre.


Very tastefully done. Great nod to the origins, but haven’t gone full OTT. Farewell numerical 2, you will be missed