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…and finally

Maybe it you clooks.

No. My clooks do it automatically!

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James Vertigan Founding member

…and finally

Very sorry to read this news Asa, but thank you for creating this forum in the first place. I’m proud to have been a member since the early days but understand what an effort goes in to hosting/moderating sites like this so I respect your decision.

I am glad to see that Rob is looking to set up a similar site to continue presentation related discussion as I was worried that DigitalSpy was going to be the only alternative!

Asa, you should be proud that the forum has lasted this long and has also had recognition and input from people in the industry, from Quizmania’s Greg Scott to Puffin’s Pla(i)ce’s Kevin Pamplin.

TVForum may be going, but at least we will still have the memories.

I shall finish this post by just mentioning two words...

Free Willy 😉