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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Thanks for that. Seems a bit long though would be almost a 9 month series if they film all episodes. I'd have thought concluding this series with filming over 2-3 weeks of filming would be more of a priority, then they can run the next series into the New Year a bit.

That said I suspect the plans have changed many times in recent years and will likely change again too. I don't know about others here too but I kind of feel like it's a question of when, rather than if, it comes to a second lockdown at the moment.

Do you know if they plan to have a dictionary corner guest?

I don't see a national lock down happening again - the government and devolved governments don't want to lock down the whole country at once, especially if parts of the country have a very low infection rate. It will be localised lock downs if needed.

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Putting Newsnight on BBC One at 9pm would be ratings suicide for BBC One. Pure disaster, as the lead in to the News at Ten would be minute.

When you are up against new dramas etc at 9pm on ITV and Channel 4, BBC One will not give over an hour prime time for news, and then News at Ten following it. This could make BBC One a news channel for 1 hour 45 minutes most nights. Madness.