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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

According to RobBurley Politics Live will commence at 9am on BBC TWO tomorrow.

At the time I wrote that it was 11am, but I'm surprised that they axed the News at Nine

Yes I was thinking the same. Politics Live will have a two hour build up to the labour leader’s speech, seems a little excessive.

Ah Labour has moved the speech to 9am

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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Beyond 100 Days now on air 5 minutes late after some technical problems.

The presenters on this don't seem to like each other. Not a regular viewer, but today she looks like she is always trying to put him down.
She seems to be a bit rude and in love with her self and he scared of her lol.

It's part of the fun and chemistry, the remit of the programme is reporting on political development around the world with attempted punches of irreverent wit and fun.