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I found the Sky Cinema logos on this page https://www.bt.com/packages/vip/ and went to copy image address which took me to this where I also saw the Sky Kids logo https://img01.products.bt.co.uk/content/dam/bt/storefront/logo-listing-folder-path/LogosSprite-1300x1948.jpg

Current ITV Hub logo but the previous five colour logo for the ITV channel? That's odd, since they changed at the same time. There's several other outdated logos there too (the CBS channels, Sony Movies, BBC News).
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I know that some people will be disappointed at the axing of Inside Out, but the previous 30 min investigative programmes that used to be on BBC Two in the past, such as First Sight which used to go out in the old South East region were of high quality in comparison.

The Sunday regional political shows have been saved as well as Breakfast bulletins, so I think they made the least worst decision.

And still Hull survives.

What's your problem with Peter Levy?
What happens with the older veteran presenters will be a minefield. They will be on the highest salaries so it would be a big saving, but it’ll cost a fortune to make them redundant, and many will be retiring before long anyway. But there will be lots of bad press if they make someone so popular in the region redundant.

Peter Levy must be in that bracket, he's been on Look North since the 80s (in Leeds of course, prior to Hull's launch). I wonder if any single headed regions will lose their current presenters?

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Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

Yup. This is Oneness series 2.