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The TV Forum Gallery Vote

In my view, the most honourable top contributors to the Gallery over many years would be:
- DTV (Detailed and accurate BBC News studio recreations)
- pip2 (GMB sunbeam titles music mixes, among many other things)
- Bail (Stunning BBC News 24 title recreations)
- PATV Scunthorpe (Very accurate GMB 2017 graphics and titles recreations)
- and many others too, but it wouldn't be fair to list everyone.

Almost everyone who posts in the Gallery ( not including the odd troll in recent times ) puts time and effort into their work, even if the end product isn't the best, and each deserves a pat on the back for making an effort. Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up
TVVT and PATV Scunthorpe gave kudos

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

I think Piers has well and truly lost the plot now. In a sequence this morning, he played out the audio from his phone of a government minister on BBC Breakfast earlier, and then ranted and raved at them when they weren’t even there.

Completely disagree, I think he's been spot-on during this pandemic calling out the government and its clueless ministers for its obvious mistakes - this comes from someone who's usually fairly neutral regarding Piers Morgan.