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So, having left it until the last minute to comment, here we are.

Whilst I haven't been here that long (5 years incl. original account) I have enjoyed the experience of talking to likeminded people about television presentation, even if some of my favourite eras may well be the worst for many others (ITV News 2009, ITV 2006-13).

It's not really goodbye after all, I'll still be around on the new TVLF and I hope that discussion can continue there in a similar manner to how it has here for the last 20 years. Thank you all, especially Asa, Bail and Charlie Wells for keeping the forum running all this time, and we now cross to the BBC News Channel. Good night.

How unfortunate it would be, if we all woke up tomorrow morning and Oneness was gone for good...

Still here until 9pm Smile
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Good Morning Britain in 2020

I think Piers has well and truly lost the plot now. In a sequence this morning, he played out the audio from his phone of a government minister on BBC Breakfast earlier, and then ranted and raved at them when they weren’t even there.

Completely disagree, I think he's been spot-on during this pandemic calling out the government and its clueless ministers for its obvious mistakes - this comes from someone who's usually fairly neutral regarding Piers Morgan.