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Inspector Sands
Does this mean UKTV have officially 'lost' the rights to the classic series?

I doubt UKTV ever had exclusivity. BBC Two showed a few serials c.1999 and BBC Four did in the mid-00s, when UK Gold and UKTV Drama were showing them respectively.

Yes, when the BBC (or any other broadcaster) sells a programme to a digital channel it doesn't remove their right to show it. There are many programmes that get shown on BBC channels that are also in the libraries of the likes of UKTV.
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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

Wonder what happened there, it looks like they relocated to a different studio, presumably a smaller bulletin studio? Although one big enough to have two presenters... and that very basic 70s style Chromakey switcheroo

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Has ITV fallen off air?

You're not missing much except Janet Street Porter just accidentally blurted out the location of the TVS Archive....