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Bake Off

COVID has directly affected baking and Bake Off though, with the shortage of flour and eggs, and the bubble arrangements for filming, so a light hearted sketch I think was fine.

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Coronation Street

The Salford and Weatherfield District Railway ran out of cash when building there line in 1883, leaving the viaduct half finished. It was due to join with the other viaduct, to form a connection between the Salford Docks and the industries of the burgeoning Weatherfield. The other viaduct was originally the Weatherfield, Wythenshaw and Central Manchester company's line from Weatherfield Central station to Manchester Victoria, later pear of the LMS. After it closed after the Beehcing cuts, it was converted to run a new line on Politanlink service in the late 2000s, and suffered a partial collapse in 2010 due to a leaking gas oven in a restaurant below.................

Or..... the set designer of the Victoria Street/ Rosamund Street extension in the late 1990s needed to hide the main studio block at Granada.