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Ian of old

…and finally

Wowzers. I was here from the start too - originally just Ian and a lost password. I remember early PM chats with Asa in simpler times when we mainly discussed annual BBC power cuts - 20 years ago!

For all the reasons you cite for closing it - as a reader one became adept at skimming over the nonsense - because every so often there'd be a post that offered such fascinating insight it made it all worthwhile. Thank you for all you and the community have done here.

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Ian of old

BBC News: Presenters & Rotas

Thanks Bail - that is nice enough, but my favourite was this original closing music:

I haven't posted here in about 20 years. But BBC Four News titles? Now you're talking. Here's a fuller version of this I think -

And while I'm here - one of the best intros ever was the 1 year anniversary of 9/11 and how they used the four notes from the BBC Four News intro and it merged into the BBC World News sombre theme. I wish I had a video of the whole opening. But here's what I have -