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The elusive BBC Six O'Clock News Beds 1993

Well today's your lucky day sir.

For 4 decades of hurt, you owe me a tenner. Wink

Oh goodness me, I don't think that's every been posted in the history of this forum! Thank you. If you have delights such as that, it's unlikely I'm going to be able to offer anything of use to you sadly!

I note that the main bed at the start of that is 53 seconds long (and has orchestrated end, so suggests it is its full length) - played out after opening story head admittedly - but that length wouldn't cover one headline on the Six today! Smile

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Ian of old

BBC News: Presenters & Rotas

Thanks Bail - that is nice enough, but my favourite was this original closing music:

I haven't posted here in about 20 years. But BBC Four News titles? Now you're talking. Here's a fuller version of this I think -

And while I'm here - one of the best intros ever was the 1 year anniversary of 9/11 and how they used the four notes from the BBC Four News intro and it merged into the BBC World News sombre theme. I wish I had a video of the whole opening. But here's what I have -