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Final post


…and finally

Very sad that today is TVF’s last day (and this my last post). But it’s occurred to me that Asa has handled this so well - giving us just the right amount of time to come to terms with it closing, for Rob to make TVLiveForum a reality, and for us to reminisce and pay thanks. It’s been genuinely lovely reading many of the posts over the last month recalling favourite presentations, or moments in pres or TVF history. And, of course, to raise some money for a great cause as thanks to Asa. Another admin web-master might have just said ‘we’re closing tomorrow’, or given such long notice it either stopped feeling real or drowned out a year of discussion in sadness. But not Asa. Bravo.

And leaving it up as read-only is a selfless and much appreciated decision. So much history captured, as well as old discussions for us to return to.

TVF going out with the same care and thoughtfulness of its 20 year run.

Thank you Asa, and good bye TVF ❤️

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Simon McCoy

Full press release from GB News:

I had assumed Simon was taking redundancy. I guess he's been told today is his last day after giving notice?

One thing I will say about GB News that's different: their press releases are pre-written Mirror/Buzzfeed articles in plain sight. I don't think I've ever seen a press release quoting word-for-word a funny thing a new hire did at a competitor.

I do wonder what morale is like at the Beeb right now in general, with the various cuts and new 'visions' that have been implemented in recent years, and the number of established names on-screen and in production who've moved on. Simon McCoy noted on twitter what a shame it was that the Beeb's own article on Clive Myrie getting Mastermind didn't mention the News Channel, even though that's where Clive established himself as presenter and that he'll continue to present there. Taking an opportunity to work somewhere new and vibrant, when your own position at the Beeb has little long-term security, probably makes some sense.

And I'm honestly far more likely to give GB News a try now that I see the likes of Simon McCoy on there than I was previously. People were concerned with the conservative slant Times Radio would have, but it's struck a good balance and has hardly hurt the reputations of John Pienaar and the like. And if Simon McCoy can combine his trademark personality, interview skill and ability to produce viral moments/clips on GB News, he'll be a very smart hire.