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The Masked Singer UK...2021

JAS84 posted:
There was a leak on Wikipedia earlier this week, I’ve just had a look back and it got Glenn Hoddle right.

I only saw one name before clicking off earlier in the week, but it was the winner Sad

Obviously I won’t say who it was.
What the...!?! Wikipedia shouldn't have any spoilers up - they can't have come from a legitimate source and so should be reverted on sight.

Someone did revert it, but I was unlucky enough to be on the page between the edit being done and it being reverted. I know something similar happened to someone on Digital Spy. They looked at the whole list though. I stopped myself from doing that.

On wiki you can look back at previous edits and I checked at the end of the show to see if the edit had been correct, and it was.

I've seen the whole list unfortunately. But I'm one of the few that doesn't mind spoilers, it's the journey to get to the end that's more interesting to me. But yes, very frustrating to most, assuming all of them were accurate. Going back over some other performances, they do seem to match.
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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

On a whim, I decided to email Martin Lambie-Nairn at his new company, M L-N, and jokingly asked:

Hi Martin,

Is there a way you can possibly liaise to the BBC Creative team? The idents for both BBC One and BBC Two are simply appalling!

Kind regards,

Glenn Reuben

Obviously, I knew it was a stupid question and didn't expect a reply, but lo and behold, the man did...

Hi Glenn,

I cannot remember if I responded to you re. your email about BBC 1 and BBC2 new dents.

Am currently in Brazil with limited email etc. But now am able to respond.

You ask if I have influence with the BBC design department. The simple answer is no. Even when I was creative director for brand at the BBC, I had no influence over the internal design department. That is why everything designed by me and my people was also produced by us.

However, the real answer to your question is is to be found elsewhere than amongst designers, internal or external.

On my departure from the BBC the Marketing people assumed responsibility for branding. Creativity became the servant of these people who held the budget and therefore the say so. Since that time the BBC has produces nothing of interest.

I still have not seen the work you refer to, but you are not the only person to contact me with the same comments. I can only assume that the same creative management holds sway and as long as it does the creative reputation, so hard won, will continue to disintegrate.

It is a shame, but creative leadership in the area of branding is in the hands of people who have budgets but absolutely no idea of how to judge or design great an effective work. Worst still they have no desire to listen.

However, these things come round again.

My experience is that one day someone with vision will wake up and realise that the systems and people who manage creativity in this area are not equipped to do so and changes will be made.

Maybe next time you may get a crack.