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New Discovery & Murdoch News Channels?

Does anyone in Britain watch Fox News online at times, to see what they are up to. I watch a few of their clips, and it is truly appalling bias. They are so blatantly gone up Trump's backside that you can see Sean Hannity when ever Trump opens his mouth, that is far up they have gone.

It would be funny if it were not so serious. I remember the 8 years of the Obama administration, where they constantly bashed Obama and his government for everything, even to the point where one of their more sane hosts Chris Wallace actually slapped them down about it live on Fox and Friends one morning, he had just had enough. I do wonder how long Chris Wallace will remain at Fox News, if Trump is re-elected by the electoral college again, I guess in 2021 he will not be at Fox News.

I remember watching Neil Cavuto's alleged business news programme one day in the early days of the Obama administration, and Neil actually opened the show with "President Obama is at it again..." - so much for "Fair and Balanced".

The worst example has to be when Tucker Carlson did a 25-minute rant about Black Lives Matter, with everything he said being complete nonsense.

The highlight has to be at 23:46. Because it’s so obvious that this isn’t about black lives. Rolling Eyes I also recommend the part just before that, where he shoehorns abortion into his ramblings.

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BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

According to Piers Morgan, lowest ever rating for BBC Breakfast yesterday. Highest ever 28% share for Good Morning Britain.