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Challenge - June 2016 onwards

DE88 posted:
while the Weakest Link has joined the long list of shows to be dropped like a hot potato (or so it appears).

I would say the Weakest Link has been a recent success for Challenge. It had the 6pm slot all last year from September to Christmas, even getting the 7pm slot too for double bill episodes.
Then in January this year they started series 10 again, also in the 6pm slot for 120 episodes lasting for 24 weeks till the end of June.

And now from tomorrow Challenge are starting Series 10 (yet again!) in the 4pm & 4am slot.

I think Challenge's problem is they they currently only have Series 10 (120 eps) and should look into acquiring more eps other than just running S10 over and over!

With Weakest Link about to get a new season in the USA from next year, and it's still going in some European countries I believe, I would not been too surprised if a UK revival is on the cards.

It's the only show I bother with on Challenge these days...but bored now with just Series 10. Hoping they go old skool back to the early eps from series 1. It's the 20th anniversary this 14th August so will be good if Challenge go back to the start.

They have the same problem with Deal or No Deal (which also comes back tomorrow), ever since it they started airing it on and off again in 2018, they only air the first 60-odd episodes, which probably limits the potential audience considering all the differences there are (the so-called ‘Early Installment Weirdness’, to use TV Tropes speak Wink).

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