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Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

How long have morning's been double headed? I turned Sky on this week for the first time in months and it appears Colin Brazier and Jayne Secker now double head from 9-12 and Dermot Murnaghan is on 12-2. Is this new ... Or am I just slow?

Several months ago. Smile

As I presumed ... Just slow. Smile

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George Hill

Election 2014

MDQ1 posted:
I'd imagine BBC Scotland would do their own programme surely. There is the assumption that the BBC will use their Commonwealth Games studio for the referendum but that presumably wouldn't be for a full results show - wouldn't be anywhere near big enough I'd have thought.

I'm sure Huw Edwards is presenting from Glasgow nationally.

Well that is a mistake for is our referendum, use our own talent. Perfectly capable people here.

Nonsense. I would expect them to bring in the biggest BBC names alongside using the high profile Scottish ones.