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After I posted I discovered and read many of yours which very eloquently laid out some similar conclusions.

Very good to meet you.

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Hello there. Long time no see.

The BBC Scotland channel was set up to fail, and its achieving it's ambition. For many years there were demands in Scotland from both the public and cross-party politicians that BBC Scotland should produce a "Scottish Six", distinct from the Network programme, to better reflect the editorial differences in this country.

Sometimes that would be as subtle as a change in the running order, sometimes it would mean not broadcasting items about education, heath or other devolved matters, where we currently have them presented as if they apply to us, usually with no caveat.

I don't know whether I'm allowed to reveal this, but there was a six week pilot of a BBC Scotland Six O'Clock News, which was produced live but not broadcast. It allowed them to try to juggle with correspondents doing two-ways into their packages within minutes of having presented them to network. It was a triumph of modern news production: that all the outside sources, VTs and scripts are there to be edited and restacked to better fit the audience.

BUT - London didn't want to rubber stamp the project, presumably under pressure from the Westminster government that it might be seen as the thin end of the wedge and encourage the breakup of the UK. So it was quietly dumped and never spoken of.

Even so, the demand was still there from outwith the BBC, and so, to quell the storm, one day we are told we are getting a shortbread tin channel of "Scottish interest" which, at best, will be used to premiere continuing drama and comedy ahead of a BBC 1 Scotland airing. And it will be on channel twelvty-nine-hundred on the digibox where you will never see it on an EPG.

Literally nobody asked for this, and nobody wanted it. I did send an audition reel to get the continuity announcer job, but you can't blame me for having childhood ambitions.

Its creation ripped budgets away from other production at Pacific Quay, but it wasn't enough money to make anything decent with, so everyone suffered. It was created to fail so that the chiefs in London can say, "why are you demanding a news programme, we gave you a whole channel and you didn't watch it". Its as calculated as that.

Get rid of it and reinstate BBC 2 Scotland. And BBC Three if you like - whatever - I cut my cable years ago.

One final point - and thanks for reading if indeed you have - there's some suggestion that money spent by the BBC in Scotland would be poorly spent if we managed to gain independence. Scottish BBC licence payers contributed £324 million last year but only £223 million of that was spent here - so you could certainly make the argument that Pacific Quay is bought and paid for by the Scottish fee payer. But lets not bother.

See you in another 3 years. x