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Gary McEwan

Bauer rebranding 53 stations to The Hits/Greatest Hits

i guess regional radio isnt relevant anymore, ie majority of heart programming coming from london, GHR both in england and scotland, worrying times!

Radio Aire has always been a variation on Aire (eg Aire FM, Aire 963, The New 96.3 Aire FM)

I think Hallam and Metro are similar

Oh yes, and Clyde ? There we are then, it's not as bleak as I thought !

I thought Bauer's Scottish stations were largely untouched for now, in terms of names and networking from Clydebank and Edinburgh?
They're obviously using the same branding as the Hits/GHR stations but do seem to have primarily Scottish voices on the schedule.

The morning shows are still local, but then after that a lot of stuff throughout the day and night is networked from Clyde 1.

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BBC News Channel General Discussion

The Daily Fail really needs to get a grip of itself, they suck the life out of everything...