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Strictly Come Dancing | 2020

The way things are going at the moment I suspect the audience might be pulled for the early shows, but I think if they can go ahead it'll actually work quite well. The trickier thing may be the Clauditorium , but I guess if they only have the dancers being interviewed up there it'll be easy enough with social distancing.

Will be nice too that the judges have room to swing a cat at their desks - they've always looked so cramped compared to other talent shows.

If they follow DWTS in America, they might just not have a co-host area this year.

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Was there any swearing, or is flashing an arse cheek as far as they'll go to justify this going out at 10pm?

There was a sex scene on Monday, then lots of gay sex references on Tuesday, a car explosion on Wednesday. They chilled on Sunday Razz