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Three cheers to Asa and the mods on their last day on the job.

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London Tower Block Fire

I have to throw in my tuppence worth regarding Victoria Derbyshire's handling of this tragedy, and a few other brief thoughts.

I absolutely congratulate her on allowing those affected to say how they actually FEEL - not just about the incident itself, but about the general injustice in society which they feel is a fundamental part of this story. Her interviews with the gentleman with colourful language yesterday, and with the lady who talked about 'revenge' today were very telling of the anger felt by many sections of our communities. Whether their opinions are justified or not, it's how they feel - and it's that 'perception' which is perhaps the biggest problem faced in our society. Many other journalists would have stopped these interviews of placed caveats on their opinions. Victoria didn't, and I think that has to be commended in these circumstances.

This is an absolute disaster. I can't help but feel that the image of the burned, charred remains of that tower block will become a symbol. Whether its a symbol of bureaucratic failure, professional incompetence, austerity or social injustice, this will be a terrible symbol etched in our memories.