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Latest post in TV Forum: New for (the middle of) 2020

AlexS posted:
I doubt it. That is to do with automatic capitalisation settings on Android and happens on most sites.

There is an attribute you can stick on the field for it - not sure of browser support but this suggests the main 2 browsers on Android support it at least:
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Bauer rebranding 53 stations to The Hits/Greatest Hits

kez19 posted:

I mentioned this on DS initially but even when a news bulletin fails to playout (choose your own Bauer "local" of choice) I was told it was more of a playout issue but it seems that the presenter wouldn't know its happened.... still though there is not even an apology given out either when things like that happen (I guess its not to obvious that a networked show is to be local)...

I get that a network presenter wouldn't know if a local bulletin hadn't gone out, but surely they'd know if a networked one had? Or is the output of the networked studio totally clean and everything added downstream?

It's unlikely that there would be an apology for lack of news on any networked programme, some takers might have got news, some might not

The trick would surely be networking the bulletin plus bed so any stations not taking it would get silence - that could be more easily spotted on a visual monitoring solution. This would only work on stations sharing branding/beds though...

Another more technical solution is detecting the speech going out (or lack thereof) - surely with speech recognition solutions available now it would be possible to distinguish music/bed vs speech (especially if the audio bed is 'known').

As mentioned above, for a commercial station, this sort of thing for a 2 min news bulletin is probably not worth it...

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Good Morning Britain

Problems with the 8am opening this morning (at 8:04) - the date and V/O was over the weather summary.

I don’t mean this in a rude way but does anyone actually care about technicial issues?

I do - it's one of the few situations where the gloss/polish in a production is wiped away and you get a chance to see under the surface a bit.

The above isn't the best example but other cases where you get to see VT clocks or testcards/bars, as in the example from BBC Two a few years back where there was a mistake booking lines the morning after DST and a BT tower slide went out.