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New Channel 4 Netflix ident

I really like that Netflix ident, really smart branding, especially with international viewers unfamiliar with the blocks.

It would work well as a device for an ident set - either putting it in different settings to form up (in the woods, on a beach) or go down the Channel 5 'big screen' ident route and set stuff around it...

Either way, very nice 👍
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Good Morning Britain

Problems with the 8am opening this morning (at 8:04) - the date and V/O was over the weather summary.

I don’t mean this in a rude way but does anyone actually care about technicial issues?

I do - it's one of the few situations where the gloss/polish in a production is wiped away and you get a chance to see under the surface a bit.

The above isn't the best example but other cases where you get to see VT clocks or testcards/bars, as in the example from BBC Two a few years back where there was a mistake booking lines the morning after DST and a BT tower slide went out.