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The Masked Singer UK...2021

Some more break bumpers have been shown, giving us more of a glimpse of the characters with the "Masked Singer" theme tune.

So happy they're going to do a Series 2, it was a no brainer really, I think it will be slightly different for obvious reasons, if there's not going to be an audience, how are the votes going to be done if it's pre-recorded?

Either way, it's better than nothing.

The US version is currently airing, and the lack of audience is barely noticeable apart from the panel being spaced apart, but even then they're placed right in front of the performer so it feels right. Audience-wise they cut away to old studio/audience shots during the show itself (this is actually mentioned in the show's credits so as to avoid complaints/confusion!), and a visible "virtual audience" do the voting. It works really well and loses nothing.

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Bake Off

Just me who thought the Johnson bit was in bad taste, coming so soon after the evening's Ministerial Broadcast?

Oh please, it was fine. It was hardly high political satire and wasn’t offensive. It was a fun little sketch to kick off the show, which played on a setup which has become very recognisable to all Brits this summer. By pure coincidence, the Prime Minister’s broadcast was scheduled right before it, and - IMO - that only made the sketch seem funnier and more relevant.

Lovely to have the show back. It’s exactly the pleasant and warm entertainment that was needed after the announcements over the last few days.