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Steph's Packed Lunch

It is so competitive out there, and she needs to make some headlines. Look how much publicity GMB, This Morning, Loose Women, etc, get online.

Nothing sums up a flop like the press not even caring that your show is a flop. Usually media reporters love being able to write about shows and channels with zero viewers but I'm finding literally nothing on this.

Flux posted:
I just don't see why Steph should suddenly be discussing recipes with chefs or fronting live competitions from a shopping centre. Her main "brand" if you like was as a business presenter on BBC Breakfast. There and in radio shows like "Wake up to Money" she took what could be quite dull subjects to a majority of the public and made them more accessible and easier to understand. She injected personality where there hadn't really been much before. That's why she broke through.

Perhaps though she wants to move on from just being a "business presenter" and break through into the mainstream, hence why she took this opportunity at C4. Yes, it's not working out with this show, but long term will probably serve her better than another year on the Breakfast sofa.

There are also the real world considerations of her now having a baby and how compatible that might be for her with a breakfast TV role, plus of course with all the cuts at the BBC there is no guarantee how long the business presenter role will last on Breakfast - if they had to cut one presenting role from the show you'd imagine that might be the first to go.

I wasn’t arguing that she should have stayed at Breakfast though. I agree with all your points, and I also think it was the right thing for Steph to move on when she did - she had outgrown being the business presenter on Breakfast. The shame is that what she moved into isn’t right, and I think that’s a misstep on the part of the Channel and/or the producers rather than Steph herself.

I hope they find a format that works for her because as LondonViewer pointed out she’s extremely likeable and talented. But my initial point was that her main talent and ability is completely lost in this (lack of) format.
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Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

I think they're fine.
(Someone has to, I guess.)

I also think they're fine. Just fine. They're temporary, so they were never going to put a lot of resource into them. Now I'm just hoping we never return to the regular 'Oneness' idents and that BBC Creative are currently brainstorming and pooling resources into launching something brand new when the UK does finally open up fully again. They probably have quite some time. The way to celebrate lockdown being over shouldn't be a return to half naked, freezing swimmers staring grimly at everyone!