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…and finally

The one time you need a clip that fits in well with today and i can't find it on YouTube.

I think this playoff is fitting:

(Should start playing at 51'30")

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Nick Hewer quits Countdown

In this day and age, a solid social media presence is an easy way of generating hubbub and (theoretically) greater viewership down the line, and you'd think Steph's Packed Lunch would want to capitalise on this as much as possible.

It's even more strange, as they have people working on that show who know exactly how to create a video that goes viral. Darren Dutton - he, of the wonderful re-edits of the 10 Downing Street covid press conferences, works on the packed lunch show, I believe.

I think a lot of decision making around Packed Lunch has been questionable. Even the announcement of the new Countdown presenter - which they knew would generate viewers - was basically given away as an anagram hours in advance. The more linguistically gifted amongst us had unscrambled Anne Robinson's name and it was all over the internet well before it was revealed as an exclusive on the show, making their "big announcement" rather lacklustre completely from their own doing. Surely they would have gained more viewers and/or hits to their own post had their original social tease explained they had a "Countdown exclusive on today's show" and the associated anagram formed "NEW PRESENTER" or something? Keep it as a pure tease, and make people watch to find out who it is. Giving away the name just felt like a bit of an own goal really.