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More Scandals & Sexual Harrasment at FOXNEWS

I agree with a great deal of what you said, but I'd like to point out that local bulletins are NOT necessarily impartial.

The largest affiliate group, Sinclair, regularly airs must-run right wing opinion segments and anti-vaccine content. Here's a pretty chilling example of how this plays out:


If you think that YouTube video is "chilling" with all the different stations airing the same but localised copy, I would hate for you to see the ITV regional news shared content or listen to a BBC local radio breakfast/drive shows shared political copy. You'd be frozen.

The Sinclair stuff is bland right-ish stories becouse they think it's a market gap to appeal to their audience. As for the vaxx stuff, it's consumer champion type news that used to be uncontroversial.

If a UK broadcaster ran a story that the last 'rushed' vax for a Corona ended up causing serious disability in around 1 in 44,000 recipients and the senior guy at the big Pharma company is now a senior government advisor now pushing for another fast tracked corona jab would that make them a right wing conspiracy peddler?


But you won't see that on Sky News et Al as part of context for why many scientists are cautious over safety protocols.

It's a good rule of thumb that's its worth checking your own bias before seeing it everywhere else.

I thinks you're missing the point. Local ITV and BBC's shared material is never of a political nature. Certainly Covid stories abound at the moment but I can't recall any shared reports around an election time. For a biased station like Fox will usually appeal to their regular viewers. Question though: if this was RT or CGTN what would think then?

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A question about Granada before 1968