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The Sport Thread

Simple solution, and should be the case already, stop showing evening sporting events in Pubs.

Many pubs rely on live sport as a fundamental remit of their business and I speak from experience having run several examples of these businesses for more than a decade. I can absolutely guarantee that unless banning showing live sports on TV in pubs (which it won't because Sky and BT receive a HUGE amount of money from these businesses), then pubs will absolutely not stop showing them and rightly so.

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Pick UK HD

kez19 posted:

I wouldn't read too much into it. They call Sky One, Sky 1...

I’d take that Sky Sports article as confirmation it’s changing to Sky Pick to be honest. We’ve now seen it referred to as this by Sky and a logo on a Freeview advert. The Sky One / 1 thing is nothing, either is correct regardless of the logo.

If true in another aspect I guess Pick will go the same way with logo onscreen shortly, as Sky has done with History/H2 ... logo appears onscreen then disappears....(again I know its not a concern in general but I prefer this approach these days and Sky is at least leading the way), I know that the sports channels will be kept onscreen and Sky News.

I doubt it, only their premium channels have done that (obviously with the exception of Sky Sports).