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BBC Television Centre Night

Not convinced by the standard of research on the Michael Grade programme, spotted several clips from programmes that I'm sure were made at Lime Grove or TV Theatre, or even Manchester (Coleman era Question of Sport)

Agree, I feel some of the stuff wasn't made at TV centre - eg that famous Newsnight interview with Paxman I don't think was from TV centre.

However, there is an argument that BBC TV centre was the home of BBC TV in the main - all the controllers etc, so that potentially makes anything valid

I haven't seen that yet. Was the Paxman interview with Michael Howard? If so it was definitely TC2. I was there...
I agree though that some of the stuff shown,from the little i have seen,was not Television Centre.

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ITV News 2013 Rebrand

Lambie-Nairn are responsible for the ITV News design. They have the News at Ten, and London News titles on their site now. - http://www.lambie-nairn.com/case-study/itv-news/

News at Ten at least maintains the bongs and big ben clockface.


All the progs have the bongs...Dear oh dear...How many times does it have to be said. Some wannabee posted that the bongs had gone and the sheep followed...Utter nonsense the bongs are still an integral part of ITV news.