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Channel 4

I actually do think Channel 4 bought the channels to put 4Music on there All4 app, Through there may as well do that to the music channels too and not have a Box Plus app.

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CBBC Birthday thread

TCOTV posted:
CBBC's Christmas idents have launched, and they're once again showing the normal ones beside them too. The idents are basically the same as this summer's break out theme, but of course remade for Christmas.

I really hope that they haven't launched christmas because if they have from what I've seen it's bad. Christmas is mainly for kids and they have the worst idents of all the BBC for christmas. And that takes some doing!

I have not seen any of the stuff used from last year at all. They normal launch christmas with their christmas office set. As the office has no christmas in at the moment I am hoping the Christmas stuff has not launched in full yet. Fingers crossed.

Just reuse Sprout Boy on CBBC, Sorted.