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Emily Moore
I admit I had to look up the "Techwood Campus" - I didn't think cheap off-brand TVs were so popular in Atlanta.
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(ITV) Merit

The actual logo according to Freeview:-


Oh. That's it?

One star. Come back when you can do something other than mock up a single word in PowerP-- wait, what?

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I think at this point, it's time to get rid of BBC Scotland TV. It's been a good experiment and produced some really interesting and innovative programming but it's starting to look like an extravagance when licence-fee payers in English regions, many with millions more people than Scotland, are being left with such a threadbare regional TV and radio service.

They can't justify broadcasting a whole TV channel with hours of unique nightly programming (including documentaries, drama, quizzes and a full hour of double-headed news) to 5.4 million people in Scotland when, say, 7.3 million people in NW England have a cheap regional half-hour news slot, an Inside Out replacement probably shared with Yorkshire and a couple of increasingly low-budget local radio channels.