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Bauer rebranding 53 stations to The Hits/Greatest Hits

"Foxy won't be returning to the Breakfast Show."...The Breakfast Show will be a lot poorer due to Foxy departing - even though they say the silliness and local stuff will continue, it hasn't seemed the same the last 3 days to me. Foxy had a huge personality and comical/controversial views and championed local causes and local business, which is now sadly lacking. He will be missed.

If anyone knows which station he is working for in the future, please drop us a message.

OK, it's been revealed that John Fox AKA Foxy will be launching his Breakfast Show on NRG Radio across the Black Country and Shropshire in March 2021 once it moves to DAB, along with numerous other ex-Wireless group/UTV Radio/Bauer DJ's. It'll be run by former longstanding Signal 1 presenter Stu Haycock.

I feel this will be quite refreshing amidst the current sea of identical local radio stations now broadcasting.

Didn't Fire Radio in Dorset used to be called NRG before NRJ in France tried to sue them for using their trademark?

It did - it was 107.6 The NRG (pronounced on air as The Energy). The original imaging is on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/moogproductions/nrg-idents-sweepers-and-promos-1999

As for this new NRG station, it's odd that it's appearing on the Wolves/Shropshire multiplex rather than Stoke-on-Trent. It's likely to do with the different multiplex ownership - Wolves is a NOW Digital multiplex while Stoke is Bauer. I've read elsewhere how reluctant Bauer seem to be to allow non-Bauer stations onto their multiplexes.

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I think at this point, it's time to get rid of BBC Scotland TV. It's been a good experiment and produced some really interesting and innovative programming but it's starting to look like an extravagance when licence-fee payers in English regions, many with millions more people than Scotland, are being left with such a threadbare regional TV and radio service.

They can't justify broadcasting a whole TV channel with hours of unique nightly programming (including documentaries, drama, quizzes and a full hour of double-headed news) to 5.4 million people in Scotland when, say, 7.3 million people in NW England have a cheap regional half-hour news slot, an Inside Out replacement probably shared with Yorkshire and a couple of increasingly low-budget local radio channels.