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Digital Spy axes General Discussion forum

I had reason the other day to look at a DS thread from 2005 or so (looking for information on a radio station from that time), and it struck me how nice and civilised it all was compared to the current s***show. I think it's a change in wider society, not just a "DS thing".

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Emily Moore

GB News

Neil's rants on Twitter about "woke warriors" and the "censorious left" don't bode well for GB News' stated aim of impartiality.

As someone who lives far from the so-called "metropolitan elite", the idea that all of us who live a distance from London are "fed up" of things like treating immigrants with dignity, LGBT+ rights and basic decency to everyone leaves a fairly bad taste in my mouth, as does the idea that those are somehow metropolitan values that we don't share. We are not all champing at the bit for a right-wing news channel that moans endlessly about "woke". Most of us have got better things to think about.

This channel seems wholly unnecessary, a response to a "problem" that only the originators of GB News seem able to perceive. I'd say that if someone proposed a left-wing news channel, too.