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New BBC Local Radio jingles

Some of them are "the sound of [area]" while others have gone for a very generic "the sound of where we live". I'd imagine BBC Radio London will be "the sound of London".

I'm not a fan of these jingles, but part of it is the way they're used on air. I'm listening to a BBC local while I type this, and the on-air presenter uses production designed to be an hour opener for every single link (as listed on this page, the full hour opener with the build and everything!), with the jaunty bed twittering away in the background and plenty of good old "fader w***ing". When they get used like this, they get very irritating very fast. Didn't the new package come with a manual/style guide?

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Emily Moore


I think at this point, it's time to get rid of BBC Scotland TV. It's been a good experiment and produced some really interesting and innovative programming but it's starting to look like an extravagance when licence-fee payers in English regions, many with millions more people than Scotland, are being left with such a threadbare regional TV and radio service.

They can't justify broadcasting a whole TV channel with hours of unique nightly programming (including documentaries, drama, quizzes and a full hour of double-headed news) to 5.4 million people in Scotland when, say, 7.3 million people in NW England have a cheap regional half-hour news slot, an Inside Out replacement probably shared with Yorkshire and a couple of increasingly low-budget local radio channels.