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Now Mastermind needs a new presenter

Kirsty Young or Moira Stuart

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Good Evening Britain

I for one would like to see ITV have another go at producing 'Good Evening Britain'. For me, like for many in this forum - there were too many guests for an hour and strictly following the daytime offering - did not best translate to primetime. That being said, I don't think it was a complete disaster or mess! Piers and Susanna are equally as compelling viewing at night, as they are in the morning and if the right tweaks were made to the show - this could actually be a winner.

Far from needing to do the impossible (rein Piers Morgan in), I really thought the show could have used a studio audience - to provide some energy and a bit more immediacy to proceeding. In many ways, I think if this were to be re-commissioned as a show for a one-off, it would be good to take some notes from Ten's 'The Project' - which I would have thought would have been a good format for a post World-Cup show and made good use of the great set and its heavy emphasis on the desk.

All in all, not perfect - but there are bare bones that could be used to construct something that actually could prove to be much more formidable, competitive and dare I say it - entertaining!